Typically, the Summit on Sexual Assault and Consent is a day long conference that brings together students, faculty, administrators, and parents from high schools across the country to discuss the epidemic of sexual violence facing people of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and identities. Given the unusual circumstances in 2020, this event will be hosted virtually.

School teams register to attend with four students and two teachers, counselors, and/or administrators ($300/team, $60/person). If a school is able to identify more than four students interested in attending, schools can register multiple teams. We also provide a track specifically designed for parents, who can register individually ($60 per person).

We start the day with a panel of survivors who courageously share their stories of hope and resilience.

Participants have the opportunity to attend workshops that address the many issues related to sexual violence including messaging in the media, cultural and social norms, laws and policies at federal, state, and local levels, and sexuality education in schools.  You will also hear about the various projects and initiatives of individuals making a tremendous difference in the fight against sexual violence, locally and nationally. 

After a team roster is finalized, schools provide us with individual participant information and everyone is invited to sign up for Summit workshops.

We partner with experts in the field​authors, activists, advocates. students, educators. and those who have dedicated their lives to addressing this issue.  These experts run workshops geared specifically towards students, educators, and parents.

We highlight student projects and initiatives that help to educate, promote awareness, and support survivors.

We provide space for school teams to come together to brainstorm and strategize ways to bring back what they have learned to their communities.

Even in a virtual setting, we will have counselors available at all times from the DCRCC for those who may encounter some difficulties throughout the day and need a little extra support.

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