2020 Parent Track

As a companion to the Summit's student-focused sessions, the Parent Track helps parents to explore the issue through their unique lens as caregivers and trusted adults in the lives of their children. From learning about the issue itself to exploring its complexities, parents will leave the Summit with the tools to have difficult conversations, understand the importance of consent, and learn how to provide support to teenage survivors.

All parents will attend the same 4 workshops

Session 1

Title: And Then What Happens? Understanding and Navigating Sexual Assault Services in DC

Presenter: Christeen Badie, Program Manager, DC Forensic Nurse Practitioners

Description: In this session, representatives from DC Forensic Nurse Examiners and Network for Victim Recovery of DC will provide an overview of the services offered to sexual assault survivors in DC. The presentation will include information regarding forensic evidence collection, medical services, the criminal justice process, and crime victims' rights. Additionally, aspects of the Sexual Assault Victims’ Rights Act (SAVRA) and relevant mandated reporting laws will be covered.

Session 3

Title: Evolving the Conversation

Presenters: Susan and Alex Prout, Parents of Survivor Chessy Prout’s and Co-Founders, I Have The Right To


Don McPherson, former NFL Quarterback and Author,  You Throw Like a Girl: The Blind Spot of Masculinity

Description: The Prouts have shared their own story of sexual assault, rape culture, and institutional complicity, the need for awareness and the importance of consent education. Don McPherson, acclaimed athlete, author and outspoken gender-based violence advocate joins the Prouts for a conversation about raising our boys to live in their whole, authentic selves, how to have meaningful dialogue around our dinner tables with our children about aspirational masculinity and healthy relationships. The silence about the culture around us makes gender based violence acceptable. How do we have the uncomfortable conversations to bring positive change?

Session 2

Title: Fight, Flight, or Freeze: Sexual Assault and the Brain

Presenter: Bobby Asher, Director of Student Life & Wellness, Georgetown Day School

Description: In this workshop, participants will explore the neuroscience of trauma and its impact on the brain. Participants will explore the circuitry of fear, emotional processing, and issues of memory consolidation.

Session 4

Title: Discovering your Role​

Presenter: David Driver, M.D., Healthy Foundations Group

Description: This session will be centered around helping the parent learn what their role is in the aftermath of teen sexual assault. They will learn how to best support their children, how to incorporate consent into parental teachings, and receive help in developing healthy relationships around these conversations.